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Development update #10

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As I sit by my fireplace, looking out of my Swiss cottage enjoying the peace provided by the white snow falling down, my computer slowly burning, I’m able to code while creepily cackling. Luckily I have pen and paper to keep on coding.
Without straying too far into my madness, let’s get you all updated on what happened these last two weeks at Verge HQ™.
  • iOS wallet progress (Swen van Zanten)
  • Android wallet progress (Me) (Manuel)
  • Wallet services architecture ( marpme @marpme )

iOS wallet progress
As promised in the last...

Development Update on Verge #8

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Oh, its that time again? really? it’s been two weeks? Well let’s bring you up to speed since the last time we talked. We didn’t notice the time fly, we had so much to do! For example, we have attended our first crypto conference (thank you Arend, Happy birthday again)

Secondly, we fought a hard contest with NetCoins, where the community voted once a day, We really appreciate everyone who participated during this contest, well done!

And finally, Verge announced an important joint agreement to push forward mass adoption with NetCents! Welcome to the Verge family.

Well, besides having all these interesting...

Project Mass Adoption with NetCents

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Are you one of those that believe that the world would be improved, if using cryptocurrencies was as simple as using regular old cash?
Most of the cryptocurrencies early adopters do intend to buy goods and services and pay for them in crypto, but face difficulties doing so. Some of these are transaction time, processing time, and often times, the simple lack of infrastructure contribute to holding cryptocurrency back.

At Verge Currency, we have learned the main points as we analyzed the various elements we could control. We have a team...

Development Update #6

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It’s time for an update again!!! Are you wondering where all that time went between last update? Probably glued to a screen checking crypto prices? Well we didn’t waste time or sleep. We actually continued to work in the secrecy of our headquarters to build up an informational graph with all the upcoming changes that are announced on our current roadmap.
I will shortly list them in here for the sake of readability:
  • Rebased Codebase to v.0.17 (Bitcoin)
  • Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT)
  • Insight API **
  • Verge iOS wallet
  • Verge Desktop wallet **
  • RSK — smart-contract peer-to-peer platform

Latest development update!

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Development Update on Verge #5
As you know we are volunteers, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t actively working on improvements. I’m sure some of you are interested in what we’ve done since our last update! Let me walk you through it all?‍♀️

To begin, I want to thank the #VergeFam on the positive feedback we have been receiving. Your trust in us is precious and we thank you for it! We are really happy to get your feedback and constructive criticism! As such we are always trying to improve our communication and provide better transparency! ?

Again if you have something to tell us, we are available on Telegram...

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