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  1. CrazyFrog

    Verge Partnership!

    Verge also said something about a Global Marketing Campaign, I have seen nothing about that, where can i read about that?
  2. CrazyFrog

    New forums design and support forums

    my message looks a little cryptic. basically the people that were stolen from get their investment back and when the whole thing gets resolved they pay it back to verge so verge can use it for their team of give it to charity or something.
  3. CrazyFrog

    New forums design and support forums

    How about verge will make a wallet and then people donate to it until they reached the same worth that was stolen from that time and then the people who got it stolen prove how much of it was stolen and that it got stolen. and receive value of that time back. Until the whole thing gets...
  4. CrazyFrog

    Wraith has been fully released!

    About time right :P
  5. CrazyFrog

    not able to buy verge today from Changelly .. any other suggestions ?

    Have you guys ever used They need to lower their fees, they are waay to expensive.
  6. CrazyFrog

    Is Verge dying right now?!

    When do you think that will be? it's december 26th today.
  7. CrazyFrog

    Is Verge dying right now?!

    Page seems to be deleted.
  8. CrazyFrog

    Potential Verge Fork

    And honestly, you can't really base Verge Fork (VGF) off of 100 people voting, while there are hundreds and thousands of people buying/using Verge
  9. CrazyFrog

    Potential Verge Fork

    if i could still vote, i would vote for NO, because this coin took so long to finally get up there and known, and you want to throw that away and start all over again? I do feel for the people who lost their money because of coin pouch, so make sure you get everything investigated on coin...