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  1. V VergeBeliever:
    Ok thanx alot for you answer :)
  2. H hemo:
    I was a member of the telegram group of verge, a few days ago I was speaking in the group and then I closed my telegram and then I opened it to find that I can not access to the group because I was banned, I have sent a message on Facebook page and gmail of verge and they did not send an answer, I hope that the ban will be removed or at least i want to know the reason why i got banned. I think that the admin may have missed something. So what can i do to join the group!!!
  3. M Mario:
    hello....sorry for the stupid question ......i\ve been away for a while and i didnt made my wallet upgrade before the hard fork .....did i lost my verge ?
  4. M Mario:
    is there something i cand do now ?
  5. M Mario:
    where can i d
  6. M Mario:
    find how ?
  7. cloakfox cloakfox:
    Hey mario! I suggest you make a thread, there are a lot of helpfull members on here.
  8. XVG_Minnow XVG_Minnow:
    Hey vergefam! Im new to this, but would love for someone to point me in the right direction on mining for xvg? I am waiting for my computer to be shipped, but in the meantime - is it possible to mine on mac (high sierra) ? Either way I will need direction on mining in general with an nvidia card. any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks =]
  9. cloakfox cloakfox:
  10. A Arman:
    I have an issue with my purchased verge coins, which is visible on the block chain but I cannot receive it on my wallet? Could you help me or let me know where can I drop this problem? Greetings, Arman
  11. Renaldo Renaldo:
    A @Arman check the forum, has been discussed many times.
  12. O OJ7:
    Hello Verge Family..New to the community and have a question. Can Verge be staked, if so, what is the reward and the right wallet to use?
  13. Renaldo Renaldo:
    O @OJ7 no staking, for wallet see the website...
  14. S stefanuzz86:
    Hello to everyone. Is there any update about the roadmap with token pay? What will you expect in a sort?
  15. B Bilby18:
    Hi all, I've been away from crypto for awhile and have an outdated QT wallet from last year. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction regarding updating it?
  16. cloakfox cloakfox:
    Im sure the troubleshooting section might be of help!
  17. marpme marpme:
    Hello guys!
  18. cloakfox cloakfox:
  19. Dyna Dyna:
  20. I ichbinkristian1:
    Hello, someone interested in MeetUp tickets?
  21. I ichbinkristian1:
  22. rayennss rayennss:
    any example donatur ?
  23. marpme marpme:
  24. cloakfox cloakfox:
  25. toefur toefur:
    hi 4um