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  1. VergeLife VergeLife:
    SWEET.. I may hangout here for the next 3 weeks then, might be safer
  2. cloakfox cloakfox:
    and ez ip banning etc etc
  3. cloakfox cloakfox:
    I'm gonna update the forums next week, and probably get a couple more mods on here. Currently not needed luckely
  4. Danish DynaMeme Danish DynaMeme:
  5. TriangleMan TriangleMan:
    Whats going on here
  6. TriangleMan TriangleMan:
  7. cloakfox cloakfox:
  8. P Piestar:
    Some people are saying XVG could be scam of the year... waiting for 14.4. ...
  9. Cretinous Cretinous:
    Whats up guys, havent been on here in a while
  10. StanFaas StanFaas:
    Sup guys & girls
  11. V vergelover:
    Hi Guys - has the sync problems been sorted out now?
  12. cloakfox cloakfox:
    Sup VergeFam
  13. cloakfox cloakfox:
    Ready for announcement?
  14. cloakfox cloakfox:
    12 mins left :O
  15. cloakfox cloakfox:
  16. cloakfox cloakfox:
    Sup cassh
  17. cloakfox cloakfox:
    News is slowly rolling out everywhere
  18. cloakfox cloakfox:
  19. cloakfox cloakfox:
    Check this out guys!
  20. D Dalinvar:
    Guys is there any detailed guide on how to install and setup the official Tor Wallet for Windows? I downloaded from official site but is downloading some blocks and i'm a totally newbie. Thanks
  21. S sysubeing:
    Hi guys! I met a issue with zpool deposition that my total earned XVG is keeping reducing while I are mining. Does anyone know what's happening?
  22. W Whtevrisfirst:
    Hey guys, can anyone tell me whats going on with the lost TOR WEB WALLET? I cannot access my coins since months. Anyone can help?
  23. X Xvg J everyday:
    Just made my way from reddit finally and wanted to say ahhhhhh I love you allll
  24. X Xvg J everyday:
    What a week!
  25. cloakfox cloakfox:
    Hey welcome! Feel free to start new topics/threads :D