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  1. StockShorts StockShorts:
  2. cloakfox cloakfox:
  3. Omd Omd:
    Synchronizing stucks at wraith since hardfork. Anybody else with that problem? Latest wraith version.
  4. HowIsThisPossible HowIsThisPossible:
    Dumb question, I’m out of the loop. With the fork is there a new coin and if so did we have to have it all in our wallet?
  5. HowIsThisPossible HowIsThisPossible:
    The verge coin that is?
  6. StockShorts StockShorts:
    no new coin.
  7. momofuku ninja momofuku ninja:
    that was a question i didn't see in a while
  8. marc marc:
  9. 1ClayChip 1ClayChip:
    Cool site! Im digging it!
  10. cloakfox cloakfox:
    Welcome! And glad to hear :D
  11. Youngsuk SON Youngsuk SON:
    Is RSK Smart tech going to be the first quarter of Q4? I wonder
  12. T thangbitcoin:
  13. T thangbitcoin:
    anybody can support me technical issue with my wallet?
  14. zEOlhEkzlSyS7QJuKup zEOlhEkzlSyS7QJuKup:
  15. StockShorts StockShorts:
    here we go
  16. C CeeMo Green:
    Awesome site team! I’m very impressed!!
  17. Renaldo Renaldo:
    This forum really should be more advertised imo, as not much Verge-Forums are out there. :)
  18. marc marc:
    You mean not any ;)
  19. cloakfox cloakfox:
  20. CC66 CC66:
  21. M mrmike:
  22. M mrmike:
    anybody know when tradesatoshi complete maintain XVG wallet?
  23. Renaldo Renaldo:
    @mrmike, you should ask them. :D
  24. StockShorts StockShorts:
    lets go verge
  25. cloakfox cloakfox:
    Verge meewn