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Verge Team
Nov 30, 2017
Hey Vergefam,

We have just updated our forums again. (no we do not sleep)
Whilst the site was updating/upgrading a ton of bugs have been fixed. (way to many and small to list them trust me, most are insignificant)

We have also made 3 small changes to the forums!
  • A new feature added to our forums is that any new updates posted in the Announcements category are also now automaticly posted on twitter!
  • When ever you tag someone in a thread/post using @ it will also display this users avatar as shown below
  • We have also disabled email verification, in the hopes it becomes more user friendly to get started on our forums (Don't worry we have taken measurements to prevent any bad guys from joining the forums ;))
cloakfox @cloakfox (example)

We hope you like these updates, as always feedback or suggestions are always welcome!

Kind regards,

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