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Verge Team
Nov 30, 2017
What is Netcoins? And why should you vote for Verge?

What is Netcoins?
Netcoins is a publicly traded company that offers OTC services (over the counter trading) and provides virtual crypto atm's in over 21,000 stores worldwide.
Virtual atm's means there is no bulky machine located in each store, but simply a tablet that runs the Netcoins software that allows a customer to buy/sell crypto's.

Why vote for Verge?
Verge is better faster stronger... Alright for real now though. Verge allows end users to choose if they wan't to make a private transaction or a public transaction. This means that for example vendors can force their customers to checkout using the public option. The more private and stealthy option can be used when you don't want others to find out where your money is going and to who it is going. Just like how in traditional banking others can't see. Only difference being that a Verge is decentralised.

If Verge wins the Netcoins contest it would greatly help general adoption of Verge and also allow new customers of these 21,000 stores to learn about Verge. This is a huge thing in my opinion and shouldn't be undermined.

How do I vote and help out Verge?
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Scroll down till you see Verge
Step 3: Fill out your email and vote
Step 4: Click on confirm email button
Step 5: Confirm the vote in your email


Thanks for reading, I hope we can do this!

- Cloakfox

Edit: We didn't win :cry:
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