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Jan 24, 2018
Hey #XVGfam,

I recently found out about this alternative for Coinmarketcap which is called Coincheckup.
This website has some extra things that CMC doesn't have.

For example every coin is rated with a score on different kinds of subjects (i.e Team, Advisors, Community, Product, Coin, Social media, Communication, Business and Github)

Verge is currently standing on the 13th place of highest ranked coin here.
The website rates us with a 0% in the subjects Team and Advisors
Also our Social media is rated on 20%, which is pretty low.
Our current overall rating is 81,4%

I think that we as a community can try to bring those things up.
Especially the social media score is something we could work on I suppose.

Let me hear your thoughts about this and if it is worth the effort or not.
I also made a tweet about which you can retweet or whatever.
Link to coincheckup analysis (source: )
If you do not trust the links just use google to search for it!
Not open for further replies.